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Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

Truly a gift from nature, our Eastern White Pine (EWP) is ideal for interior and exterior projects requiring quality, durability and a warm appearance.  Unparalleled versatility enables EWP to blend seamlessly with countless contemporary and traditional themes.Used as ship masts during colonial times, tall Eastern White Pine trees were axe-marked with broad arrows for exclusive use by the British Navy.  The light weight and incredible strength of EWP and its other qualities – fine grain, varied appearance, easy workability, stability and compatibility with many finishes – have made it a favorite of North American craftsmen for more than 300 years.Today Eastern White Pine is used in a broad range of interior and exterior applications.  These include interior paneling and patterned wainscoting, flooring, moldings, stair treads, exterior siding, shelving, and furniture.  This excellent wood is also used in wooden crates, reels and other industrial packaging.


Freeman Eastern White Pine

Why Eastern White Pine is the Natural Choice

  • Has a fine grain, uniform texture and handsome red-knotted appearance
  • Is soft, easily shaped and dimensionally stable
  • Can be finished clear, stained or painted
  • Is naturally decay resistant
  • Has less resin than other pines
  • Is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fits many interior and exterior applications


Freeman Eastern White Pine Lumber

About Eastern White Pine available from Harry Freeman and Son Ltd.

  • We manufacture 1″ and 5/4″ Eastern White Pine 3″ to 12″ wide
  • Our wood comes from top quality trees grown in the pine belt of Western Nova Scotia
  • Our modern sawmill, kiln drying, planing and moulding facilities consistently produce top-quality Eastern White Pine products
  • We produce all Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NeLMA) patterns – common examples include EWP4/4, EWP18, EWP 18/4, E&CB, E&CB/WP4, stair treads and rougher head (textured) products
  • We have the flexibility to produce most any Eastern White Pine specialty products you require
  • Our Eastern White Pine is available in four grades (Select, Premium, Standard and Industrial) ranging from clear select boards to industrial grades
  • All grades are certified in accordance with Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NeLMA) standards
  • Our Eastern White Pine is painstakingly kiln dried to ensure uniform drying, consistent quality and compliance with international plant health (KDHT) standards


We fund silviculture on private lands. We pay for work we do on your land. You profit if we cut any valuable wood.

Under our Program you can improve the value of your lands. Our Program also allows you to transfer lands to your children without paying tax. We will even pay an accountant to help with estate planning.

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Wood Procurement

We buy logs, stumpage and land!

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