Harry Freeman & Son Limited
 Box 100, Greenfield, Nova Scotia, B0T 1E0 Canada

Modern Facilities

In the last decade Harry Freeman & Son have continually upgraded operations and production processes to maintain their position as one of the most modern facilities in Eastern Canada.

Mill operations are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and include High Speed Planing facilities that incorporate fully automated grading, sorting and stacking processes, ensuring the highest quality of product, consistency in finish and appearance. Two processing mills, one for large logs and the second for pulpwood size stud wood, also employ the most recent automation and feature computerized sawing solutions for maximum product optimization throughout. Additional facilities include Biomass powered Steam Kilns, producing one million feet capacity per charge, and value added remanufacturing operations for processing and packaging top quality appearance grade products.

Operations and production is strategically located within 150 kilometres of Halifax Harbour, Canada’s largest international Atlantic seaport, enabling customers worldwide to access direct shipping routes and project timely and consistent delivery schedules. Harry Freeman and Son Limited is committed to providing their customers with globally competitive product choices and looks forward to establishing many more rewarding relationships in new markets over the near future.


We fund silviculture on private lands. We pay for work we do on your land. You profit if we cut any valuable wood.

Under our Program you can improve the value of your lands. Our Program also allows you to transfer lands to your children without paying tax. We will even pay an accountant to help with estate planning.

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Wood Procurement

We buy logs, stumpage and land!

For more information and our Wood Procurement Policy, click the read more button below.

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