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SPF (Softwood) Lumber

Softwood LumberSPF grown in Nova Scotia is made predominantly from Red Spruce, White Spruce, Black Spruce and Balsam Fir. Lumber produced from these spruce-pine-fir species is sold together as SPF. These trees grow straight and tall in Nova Scotia, making high quality lumber with tight wood grain and small knots.

The exceptional properties of SPF make it ideal for residential, commercial and industrial construction. SPF is inexpensive, easy to work with, grips nails tenaciously and works well with a variety of glues, paints and stains. Despite its light weight, SPF is very strong and dimensionally stable. It is simply an outstanding building material.

SPF is used in a broad range of applications. These include framing and structural lumber, sheathing, trusses, prefabricated housing and components, stair treads, exterior decking, preservative treated products and outdoor furniture. SPF is also used in wooden crates, reels and other industrial packaging. 

Why SPF (Softwood) Lumber is The Natural Choice

  • Low cost
  • High strength and light weight make it ideal for many uses
  • Holds nail and fasteners exceptionally well
  • Small tight knots
  • Kin drying ensures dimensional stability
  • Environmentally superior to steel, concrete and plastic

About Our SPF (Softwood) Lumber

  • We produce 1″, 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″ SPF 3″ to 12″ wide
  • We produce 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 SPF square timbers
  • We also produce zero wane premium appearance grades products
  • Our modern sawmill, kiln drying and planing facilities consistently produce top quality SPF products
  • Our SPF is painstakingly kiln dried to ensure uniform drying, consistent quality and compliance with international plant health (KDHT) standards
  • All grades are certified in accordance with NLGA standards and regularly inspected by the Maritime Lumber Bureau

Stacked softwood lumber


We fund silviculture on private lands. We pay for work we do on your land. You profit if we cut any valuable wood.

Under our Program you can improve the value of your lands. Our Program also allows you to transfer lands to your children without paying tax. We will even pay an accountant to help with estate planning.

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Wood Procurement

We buy logs, stumpage and land!

For more information and our Wood Procurement Policy, click the read more button below.

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